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Plasma processes

Plasma sterilization and disinfection

Not only in the difficult situation with COVID19 Pandemic is it essential to have material and packing especially
for pharmaceutical products, food industry, or drinks and special medical clothing etc. free from bacteria and viruses.

Various health damaging fungi, bacteria and viruses must be efficiently and safely eliminated or deactivated.
To achieve this, various methods have been used.
These include various chemical substances, oxidizing agents, high temperatures steam or radiation.
Unfortunately, many of these options have negative side effects.
Either the materials are thermally or chemically damaged or in extreme cases some of the methods can have negative side effects for both health and the environment.

Disinfection and sterilization in low pressure plasma offer a safe and environmentally friendly alternative.
The plasma environment is low temperature, in vacuum and produces high UV in the chamber,
so protecting sensible materials but effectively eliminating the harmful contaminants.
The process is fast safe and cost effective,
dependent on the system and the material to be treated it is possible to have treatment times of less than 1 minute.

Even throw away products can be sterilized to reduce hazardous waste.

Plasma technology GmbH gave a contract to Hohenstein Laboratories GmbH to assess the effectiveness
of the plasma sterilization to deal with viruses.

Request the Report from Hohenstein Laboratories

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Plasma cleaning

Plasma cleaning is an important process for the plasma surface technology.
During this process dirt particles are removed by a chemical reaction with the ionized gas.
The dirt particles now in the gas phase are transported out of the chamber by the continuous gas flow introduced to the vacuum chamber.
The bombardment of the surface with gas ions remove the dirt from the surface and transports it in the gas flow.
The surface is cleaned and residue free.

plasma cleaning process visualization

The plasma technology film in Youtube shows this effect.
The commentary is in German at the moment .

Plasma activation

During the activations process radical areas are formed the polymer surface by the reactive species in the plasma on which functional groups are deposited.
These activated areas provide an anchor for the coating system.

plasma activation process visualization

Plasma coating

Extremely thin coating are produced on the work piece in the plasma process by the introduction of monomers into the plasma,
these can enhance the work piece with totally new surface characteristics.
The chosen monomer type determines the functionality of the coating (hydrophilic, hydrophobic, anti-fog etc.)

plasma coating process visualization

Plasma primer

This is a new system for plasma surface modification.
The primer is deposited on the plasma activated surface to enhance further the adhesion of the paint or adhesive system to be applied as a next step.