Plasma systems with a Rotating drum for bulk goods or parts

The parts to be treated are tumbled in a rotating drum to prevent untreated areas where product partly cover each other.

Plasma system to handle bulk goods with automatic loading and un loading

PlasmaActivate 450 Drum

The Plasma Active 450DRUM shown in the film has an automatic system to remove the parts on to a conveyor belt which transport them to the next production or packing stage.

These are additional options.

Technical Details

  • Unit size W X H x D: 2000 x 2450 x 2500mm
  • Drum dimensions W X H x D: 850 x 700mm
  • Controls: SPS (Vipa, Siemans)
  • Adjustable settings:
    • Time
    • Pressure
    • Power

Note: The loading of goods and removal of treated product with the same container is shown here for demonstration purposes only. Cleaned or sterilized goods would normally be transported in a sealed conveyor system into a clean area or room to prevent recontamination or confusion as too which goods are treated .