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Plasma cleaning & plasma surface modification

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Plasma cleaning

Plasma cleaning is an extremely effective, environmentally friendly process for removing surface contamination or impurities.
It is not the intention of this article to go into the details of how plasma cleaning works.
There are hundreds of articles in the internet the fulfill this need. The focus of this article is to discuss the benefits plasma cleaning could bring to your production or research and development.

Low pressure plasma cleaning is extremely flexible, both conductive and none conductive surfaces can be cleaned, the impurities are simply transported away in the process gas.
The process can be designed such that contamination reacts with the gas or be mechanically removed from the surface by sputtering.
A combination of both is also possible.
The process is dry, so the cleaned components do not need to washed in distilled water to remove the surfactants used for cleaning as there are none.
There are no contaminated fluids to be disposed of.
This means that the process gas is always clean, with the plasma cleaners from Plasma technology GmbH the

  • gas,
  • pressure,
  • power
  • process time

can be both accurately controlled, stored as recipes and documented making the plasma cleaning process a stable and repeatable process giving you excellent quality control.
A range of process gases can be used depending on the product to be cleaned and the contamination to be removed.
The plasma is a reactive gas that will penetrate even the smallest of holes or cracks meaning there are almost no limits to the materials or forms that can be plasma cleaned.
The product form can vary from powders to roll goods, from cast to machined components.

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Take a look at the plasma cleaner that may fit your needs

Due to the combination of high energy, UV and vacuum even pathogens can be removed and destroyed making plasma cleaning an extremally effective process for

plasma sterilization.