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Plasma surface modification

When the surface of your material of choice does not meet the requisite Plasma surface modification is an economically viable, environmentally friendly solution.

The surface of the material is the place at which it interacts with the environment, which determines the ability to bond or paint, the stability of the product in its environment, corrosion resistance, moisture absorption or even the ability to allow fluids to penetrate for filtration, aesthetics and cleanliness.

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plasma cleaning

Plasma cleaning

Improved bonding example

Improved Adhesion

plasma processing to reduce friction

Reduced Friction

plasma sterilization

Plasma Sterilization

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plasma technology GmbH manufactures a wide range of low pressure plasma systems, ranging from small desk top entry level units to highly advanced automated systems.

Contract processing and process development are also part of our service along with Global support and remote assistance via TeamViewer.

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Plasma Systems

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Plasma Rental Systems

contract processing with low pressure plasma

Contract Processing

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Process Development