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plasma technology GmbH. Leading plasma systems manufacturer.

plasma technology GmbH a manufacture of a wide range of low pressure plasma systems, these range from small desk top entry level systems to some of the most advanced systems and processes available.
Plasma systems that are engineered to be extremely reliable.
Naturally we also offer world wide support and remote support by team view.
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The science of plasma

book downlaod

We proudly present the complete book "The Science of Plasma" in German and English as a free download: Here you can download the book

Front cover of The Science of Plasma book

Advancing the science of Plasma processing

Normally process such as plasma cleaning and etching, are the first thoughts associated with plasma processing and these form and important part of our daily work

Plasma surface treatment is extremely versatile.

The possibilities are constantly expanding.

Our mission is to stay at the cutting edge of plasma processing.
Provide our customers and potential customers with the support they need to explore the value adding potential plasma surface treatment offers for current production, for new products and improvements in environmental impact of existing processes.

The impact and value of our research into new possibilities is noticable across a wide range of industries.
Some of the new and surprising applications will be revealed over the next weeks in our new section on Innovations.

These range from

  1. Electronics

    Eliminating Fluorine emissions when plasma etching of wafers and circuit boards. Cost saving as no expensive Fluorinated gasses need to be purchased.

  2. Improving on Nature. Plasma Wood project:

    Wood, one of the oldest building materials is environmentally friendly and pleasant to live with.
    To many this means work to maintain it in good condition when it is exposed to the environment.
    The “plasma Wood” is a funded research project focused on changing this.
    A special plasma process with the aim of improving the aging and weathering problematic generally associated with wood is now in the final stages of development and testing. We will be publishing more soon.

  3. Security Anti-counterfeiting

    Due to the sensitivity of this field of work we will supply information with customers that prove a genuine need. This is moving from research to pre-production in one of the most critical areas worldwide, that has security as it's prime concern.

A few examples of applying our mission statement and core competence in unexpected and innovative ways resulting in completly new possibilities for plasma surface treatment.

Consultation with our customers is a special concern for us. Therefore questions and requests will recieve our full support.

Convince yourself of our service - and contact us with your request.

Your satisfaction is our highest goal


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