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Plasma cleaning & plasma surface modification

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For 25 years the optimization from material surfaces has been our focus, whether it is glass, ceramics, metal or polymers.
The preparation, pre-treatment and improvements to the materials surfaces is essential for all materials in a wide range of industries.
Plasma processes offer an extensive environmentally friendly possibility for the preparation, modification and improvement of surface characteristics.
Plasma technology offers solutions to your requirements for improving the surface characteristics of your components and products independent of their material composition.
Our service includes the process development, system build, consulting, support and maintenance of your individual plasma systems as well as in house treatment of your components.

Plasma systems maunufacturer front offices
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Plasma sterilization

Our interlocking double door system ensures seperation of soiled and sterilized goods.
The combination of intensive UV and vacuum ensure a thorough and consistant sterilization in even the most difficult to access parts.

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