General Terms and Conditions
European orders

Preliminary general comments

Plasma technology (hereafter referred to as “pt”) delivers goods in accordance with these “General Terms and Conditions” subject to any terms and conditions that are stipulated elsewhere.

Servicing work is carried out analogously under the same terms and conditions.

The “General Conditions for the Supply and Erection of Plant and Machinery for Import and Export No. 188A” (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) in the version dated March 1957 apply to any points not governed here.

Delivery conditions

Pricing terms:

EXW, excl. transportation, packaging, commissioning and training All prices are net prices. Taxes, customs duties and insurance are not included in the prices.

Payment terms:

Orders with a value below €25,000.00 will be invoiced (100%) following delivery, payable 14 days strictly net following invoicing. The following payment terms shall apply to orders with a value over €25,000.00:
50% following order confirmation,
40% upon delivery or notice of readiness to ship,
10% following acceptance,

in each case payable 14 days strictly net following invoicing.

In the event that acceptance is delayed on grounds for which pt is not responsible, the final payment will be invoiced 4 weeks following delivery.

Minimum order value:

The minimum order value is €100.00

Assembly and service

Assembly of the system is not included within the scope of delivery. A partial dismantling of system components may be required for transportation purposes depending on the size of the system. Reassembly is not included within the scope of delivery.

pt installers are available to the purchaser upon request. The assembly will be invoiced in accordance with the actual labour costs.

The hourly rates will be made available upon request.

Any agreed assembly and commissioning along with any training required for the employees responsible will generally be provided by pt at your place of business. Upon request the purchaser may participate in the preliminary acceptance process at our place of business.

All connections must be available for commissioning at the customer side in accordance with the specifications. The purchaser will provide any auxiliary staff and lifting equipment that may be required free of charge. Waiting times resulting from the unavailability of connections or auxiliary resources will be charged to the purchaser. The local safety regulations must be complied with by the purchaser and the pt staff must be instructed accordingly.


Upon delivery or commissioning of the system you will receive complete system documentation in English (as a hard copy, as well as a file on a USB stick). Additional operating instructions are available at a cost of €70.00 each.

The documentation in English language consists of operating and maintenance instructions, the latest software version for PC control, a circuit diagram of the electrical facilities, CE marking and CE declaration of conformity. The safety analysis prescribed in accordance with CE standards will be available for inspection during commissioning.

The safety analysis for the machine may be inspected during commissioning and if applicable during the preliminary acceptance.


The warranty period is 12 months (one-shift operation) or 1800 operating hours with regular maintenance (evidenced by maintenance reports). It does not cover expendable and wear parts.

The following are generally considered to be expendable and wear parts:
oil for the vacuum pump
sealing gaskets
inspection glass

The expendable and wear parts are stated in the operating instructions. pt warrants that all goods manufactured by pt are free from defects in relation to their material, workmanship and title. The warranty also applies to the components and equipment from third-party manufacturers delivered by pt and fixed to the system. This warranty will be provided within the aforementioned period provided that the system has been operated in accordance with the operating instructions and other maintenance regulations.

The warranty does not cover damage that is attributable to inappropriate or improper and in particular defective use or to assembly, commissioning, maintenance, modifications or repairs not carried out by us.

If commissioning is delayed on grounds for which pt is not responsible, i.e. does not occur within 4 weeks following delivery, the warranty period shall begin with the date of delivery.

Delivery Time

The delivery time shall be approx. 12-15 weeks unless otherwise stated on the quote. The binding delivery date will be stated in the order confirmation.

Additional agreements

Any additional agreements related in any way to the purchase or construction of the system must be forwarded to both parties in writing with valid signatures. Reports must be compiled following telephone agreements or personal discussions regarding the design, construction or delivery and these must be forwarded to both parties.

Quote validity

We shall remain bound by the terms of this quote until 3 months after the quote date.

Extended retention of title

The system shall remain the property of plasma technology GmbH until payment has been received in full.


All technical documentation delivered with the machine serves only for service purposes and remains the property of plasma technology GmbH.

Reproduction of the documents in any form shall be prohibited without written permission from plasma technology GmbH.

Rebuilding of the machines, in whole or in part, is prohibited without approval from plasma technology GmbH.

Severability clause

In the event that individual provisions in this agreement are ineffective or unenforceable or become ineffective or unenforceable after formation of the agreement, this shall not affect the effective nature of the remainder of the agreement. The ineffective or unenforceable provision should be replaced by an effective and enforceable regulation whose effect comes closest to the economic objective which the parties to the agreement had pursued with the ineffective or unenforceable provision. The preceding provisions shall also apply accordingly in the event that the agreement is incomplete.