Plasma systems for Production

Our production plasma systems are versatile and can be programed to carry out multiple tasks, from cleaning to bond and paint adhesion improvement and much more. See our process page for more information.

Most of the mechanical design variations below are to ensure optimal product handling or integration into production lines.

Range of plasma systems designed for production 24/7 operation

Standard plasma Systems

Standard industrial range of plasma systems for production


Production Plasma System with Siemens controller,
compact with swing door.


Plasma system for production with SPS and industrial PC.
Compact design with vertical sliding door.

Custom plasma Systems

auto loading range of plasma systems with SPS and industry PC

Plasma system for integration
into your production line.

Printed circuitboard plasma systems for etching and cleaning

Plasma system Etching
and cleaning of PCB's.

Drum plasma system for small parts and powders

Plasma system for bulk goods
or powders.

Roll to Roll plasma treatment

Plasma system for roll to roll treatment.

Production plasma systems designed for 24/7 operation.

Any plasma surface modification task can be performed with our production systems.

Even large items can be processed with our capability to produce chambers with over 8000ltrs capacity.

We engineer the plasma systems to integrate with your production line or special needs.