Proven cutting edge plasma systems for surface cleaning, modification.



We supply innovative, economical, low pressure plasma equipment and cutting edge processes for surface modification, activation, coating or cleaning.

Problems resolved with our equipment

  • Poor paint adhesion?
  • Low bond strengths with adhesives?
  • Employing complicated wet chemical processing?
  • Difficult contact characteristics in printed circuit boards?

With a plasma treatment these problems can be eliminated!

Partner for innovation

Individual processes are developed with the customer in a partnership collaboration.
We analyze the effects achieved to better understand them and introduce the next development steps based on the results.
Moreover, the plasma technology team brings its knowledge gained as a member in project-supporting committees for state-funded research projects of renowned
institutions. Research projects with industrial partners are also carried out on the company's own initiative.

What's special about our systems?

Let's look at what is included as standard.

  1. Plasma generator: Well proven standard we have had no failures in 15 years.
  2. Gas flow control: Mass flow controller 
  3. Gas connections: Most models have multiple gas connectors
  4. Pressure sensor: Pirani
  5. USB , Network: Enabling process to be sent digitally and for remote maintenance.
  6. Touch screen computer controls: Own developed software to control the plasma process
  • Possibility of creating subsequent processes
  • Saving the processes
  • Individual movable windows
  • Possibility of documentation with the help of process logs (also via printout)
  • Simple operation via mouse
  • Data storage on the PC
  • Network-compatible

Most important adjustable process parameters

  •    Pressure
  •    Generator power
  •    Gas type and quantity
  •    Treatment period
  •    Pressure tolerance

Remote maintenance

  • Process support and troubleshooting via Internet

Process support and development.

You can reach us on +49 (0)  70 32/ 91838 - 0

Plasma is an important form of surface treatment, with a bright future. It is a crucial process step in obtaining a good bond-able or clean surface to allow either further processing or high performance bonds to other materials.

We offer standard Plasma systems as well as custom designing systems and processes for specific needs. In such cases the Plasma equipment and process are delivered by plasma technology GmbH as a package.