Contract plasma treating

Giving you the flexibility to:

  • Outsource production runs or short batches.
  • Get quick answers for development needs.
  • Short lead times in many cases only 14 days.

Be creative with low risk.

contract plasma treating of customer parts

Breadth of plasma treating capabilities

Our versatile pool of plasma systems enables us to treat a wide range of components and materials. These range from plastics and elastomers to glass to metals, even chocolates. The limits of what surface modifications are possible with low pressure plasma are often more in the imagination than in the process.

We can handle either series production or a single batch of Products ranging from fine powders to bulky items such as bumpers for the Automotive industry (max dim 190 x 55 x50 cm) and roll to roll goods.

Our quality assurance is individually adapted to ensure your requirements are meet, The high quality packing and shipping ensure safe transport so that you receive the processed goods in good condition.

Some of the day-to-day processes and applications

Surface activation of plastics and polymers

  • Surface activation of PA bulk parts in a rotating drum.
  • Activation of the internal surfaces of plastic parts.
  • Activation of the inside of PEEK tubing.
  • Activation of CFK pipes as preparation for bonding.
  • Activation of PE as preparation for bonding.
  • Activation of PTFE
Selected surface activation of polymers showing improved surface wetting of the treated area

Etching of PTFE and other high-performance plastics

  • Etching of PTFE as a preparation for bonding.
  • Etching of POM as a preparation for bonding.

Priming for good adhesion

  • After cleaning and etching parts can be primed in plasma to obtain optimum adhesion of paint or high bond strengths.
A one step process for good adhesion.
Bonded high performance plastics POM PEEK and Alu

Cleaning of metal parts

  • Removal of residual lubricants or corrosion protection.
  • Processing of bulk goods such as bolts and washers etc.
Removal of contamination and oxides on metal surfaces.
Plasma cleaning of metal parts

LABS free cleaning

  • LABS (LAckBeschichtungsStörende Substanzen) or PWIS (Paint wetting impairment substances) free surfaces
  • The last remaining low surface energy substances such as Silicone of Fluoropolymers (PTFE) are removed.
Ensuring good wetting and adhesion of paints
LABS or PWIS test

Low friction coatings

    Modifying the surface of elastomers to:

  • Reduce friction to ease automated production and packing.
  • Reduce wear.
  • Enable good printing and bonding.
Plasma coating for Low friction surfaces
O rings being treated in plasma

PVD coatings. Gold, silver, copper etc.

  • Both decorative and functional coatings on a wide range of materials.
  • Advanced process are available to coat very difficult materials such as chocolate for example.
gold coated chocolates