plasma technology GmbH

Benefit from 25 year’s experience in advancing the science of plasma surface treatments and processes.

Plasma technology services training room

Mission statement

Be a value adding partner.

Advance the science of plasma processing whilst providing a stable and economical stepping-stone for companies wishing to start exploring the value adding potential that plasma surface treatment offers.

Be a long term stable, reliable, and valuable partner for your research and production needs for plasma equipment and processing.

The significant difference

By not striving to be the biggest you can be the best.

Instead of claiming hundreds of employees we stay lean and agile by focusing on what we need to do well, our core competence “plasma processes”.

Standard components, for example metal working, is sourced with qualified suppliers that are experts in their field.

This results in

Optimized quality

Faster response in peak times

Financial stability in difficult times

Excellent support for our customers

Long-term stable supplier

Development, final assembly, CE certification and acceptance testing are at our competence center in Herrenberg.
Our innovative team are thus free to focus on your needs, whilst maintaining control and responsibility for the quality of the supplied equipment or service.

Our team focuses on complete solutions in the world of low-pressure plasma, whether it is demanding cleaning applications, or subsequent process such as etching, priming, or coating.

Take a look at how we are contributing to processes that are even more environmentally friendly.

Environmentally friendly etching

We invest energy into European and national research projects to extend knowledge and the possibilities of plasma processing.

A short introduction to plasma technology GmbH