Rental plasma systems

Allow you to:

  • Bridge bottle necks in your production.
  • Carry out Research and Development.
  • Enable immediate production while waiting for delivery of an ordered system.
  • Confirm and even optimize your process and equipment choice prior to ordering.

All without a long-term commitment.

Rental plasma system for laboratory and production

Rental Laboratory / Desktop Plasma Systems

Flecto® Range

plasma Flecto range of desktop rental plasma systems


Volume 2.4l


Volume 11.5l


Volume 32l


Smart plasma range of rental plasma systems

Volume 2.4l

Which System is best for me?

The SmartPlasma® is more economical and is probably ideal if you already are focused on your process.

It is just as reliable and offers the same repeatability as the Flecto®range.

With its ability to store and recall up to 100 recipes as well as have two different gasses connected, the Flecto® Range although costing slightly more is probably the better choice for process development or for applications that may need a multi-step process with a different gas (such as plasma cleaning then etching).

Rental plasma systems for Production

Rental minispot fast cycle plasma system


Desktop Plasma System

2.4 l volume

Rental plasma system plasmaActive 500l with double doors

PalsmaActivate®500 DT

Production plasma system With double doors

500 l volume

Rental plasma system plasmaActive 700l chamber for production


Production plasma system

700 l volume

Rental plasma system plasmaActive 150 Logo 150l volume, for production

PalsmaActivate®150 Logo

Production plasma system

150 l volume

Rental plasma system plasmaActive 390 Logo. 390l volume for 24/7 production

PalsmaActivate®390 Logo

Production plasma system

390 l volume

Rental plasma system plasmaActive 890 Logo. 890l chamber volume for production

PalsmaActivate®890 Logo

Production plasma system

890 l volume

Rental plasma system plasmaActive 1200. 1200l chamber


Production plasma system

1200 l volume

Rental plasma system plasmaActive 2000 with sliding door and trolly loading. 1400l vchamber volume.


Production plasma system

With sliding door

1400 l volume

Rental plasma system plasmaActive 2000. 2000l volume chamber with trolly loading


Production plasma system

2000 l volume

Additional equipment?

Depending on your process we can usually supply supporting equipment, 0² concentrators for example to save the need for ordering and storing gas bottles.

Effectively these units are all plug and play and ready to run, but if you do need additional support just let us know.

Oyxegen concentrator for plasma systems