Low pressure plasma processing

Plasma processing refers to the technologies that utilize plasma, to modify the material or product surface.

The focus here will be low-pressure plasma processing.

Cleaning various sample with low pressure plasma

low pressure plasma processes can be broken down into 3 main groups

1. Cleaning

The removal of contamination either organic or inorganic from the surface.

2. Etching

A process to actively remove material from the surface of the substrate.

3. Coating

The functionality or the look of the surface is modified to fit customer needs.


The low-pressure plasma processor can be programmed to carry out a single or a combination of these plasma processes without the need to handle the product until completed.

An example application of multiple process steps is optimizing bond strength or the adhesion of paints. For more information, please see our page on improved adhesion.

Plasma cleaning

The processes within this group vary according to the substrate material and the type of contamination.

Cleaning Organic contamination

O2 plasma cleaning is a common term used to describe the removal of organic contamination where O2 is used as the process gas.

Cleaning inorganic contamination or Oxidation

Cleaning inorganic contamination with plasma will require different gas power and pressure dependent on the end specification.

For more information about cleaning either Organic or Inorganic contamination please see out page about plasma cleaning

Sterilization and disinfection with plasma

Plasma is also extremely effective as a sterilization medium.
Learn more about plasma sterilization.

Plasma etching / ashing

During the plasma etching process, the material is removed selectively from the surface of the substrate.

For example, from polymers or elastomers as a step towards improving adhesion.

A more aggressive version of this process is the removal of excess material such as copper to produce circuit boards. This more aggressive process is often referred to as plasma ashing.

Learn about our research to reduce or eliminate perfluorinated hydrocarbon emissions during this process

Plasma coating or PVD

Functional coatings

Primers for better bonding or paint adhesion.
see our page on improved adhesion.

None stick

Hydrophobic or Hydrophilic

Oil repellent



Low friction. Learn more about Low friction coatings

High friction

Decorative coatings

Precious metals

Refractive effects (color without paint)