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Plasma chamber

The plasma chamber separates the environment from your process.

The plasma chamber provides a controled enviroment for cosistant quality and process repeatability

Creative design of the plasma chamber can

  • simplify your product handling
  • speed up your production
  • provide integration into your production line
  • Prevent errors

The plasma chamber is the heart of every low-pressure plasma system, the look and form of the complete system will be dependent on the size of the chamber, the space available and other external demands.

There are examples in our plasma systems for production pages of plasma chambers that have loading systems for bulk goods and powders, circuit boards as well as sheet and roll goods.

Low pressure plasma surface treatment system make up

Small fast cycle plasma chambers

For integration into production lines small plasma chambers enable a fast cycle process with automated loading. Take a look at our plasma spot.

plasma chambers for bulk goods

The plasmaActivate PlasmaActivate 450 Drum is a good example of a plasma chamber with automatic handling of the product after treatment.

Double door plasma chambers.

The PlasmaActivate 3200 for example. A double door plasma chamber allows it to be used a lock to a clean area. After loading product can only be removed from the other side after the process is completed.

Plasma chambers for roll to roll goods.

For the surface treatment of roll goods such as sheets tapes or tubes. The PlasmaActivate 8200 r2r PlasmaActivate 8200 r2r is an excellent example of such a plasma chamber.

Ultra clean.

For extremely sensitive applications in the microchip industry where cleanliness may be measure in terms of atomic percent our plasma chamber is designed to minimize any cross contamination and to ensure no undesirable elements are introduced.

We would be pleased to discuss with you the plasma chamber and loading system best suited for your needs.
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