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Plasma cleaning.

Plasma cleaner

How does a plasma cleaner differ to other systems?

Can all of our low pressure plasma systems be used as a plasma cleaner?

Basically Yes.

Any of our systems can be employed as a plasma cleaner.

The software depending on the model can be programed to perform this task as can the choice of gas.
It is possible that special handling for your product is needed, or additional components are needed for very special needs such as maintaining lower temperatures by preventing a hollow cathode effect.
The reverse can also be true in that the plasma cleaning is most effective when higher temperatures are generated.

With a standard system

  • pressure,
  • process gas,
  • power
  • time

can all be programed to give the optimal result.

We will advise on these and help with the process development and support as you move into production with our systems.
Controlling of the process can be either by a saved recipe or manual. Recent developments enable the analysis of the atmosphere in the chamber to determine effective cleaning.
The effectiveness of this latest development is however to some extent dependent on the contamination being removed.
As our standard systems can be reprogramed for many uses this makes them economically attractive and flexible should your needs change.

Desktop plasma cleaners.

Plasma cleanr for Laboratory, table top unit

Ideal plasma cleaner for development or small production.
Our Flecto range is ideal for his application with a range of chamber sizes from 2.4 to 32 ltr.
See our complete range of standard plasma systems for the laboratory or small production all of which are suitable for us as a plasma cleaner

Plasma cleaner for bulk goods.

Plasma cleanr for production, rotating drum

A rotating drum plasma cleaner is ideal for the cleaning of bulk small parts or even pellets or powder. The parts could even be automatically removed and transported on a conveyor belt.
See our plasma activate 450 drum video

Plasma cleaners for production.

Plasma cleanr for production, double door

An example of a plasma cleaner with interlocking double doors.
Untreated goods are loaded on one side. The door on the clean side is locked until the process is completed.
This enables the plasma cleaner to act as a lock to a clean area and prevents contaminated goods being used in error.
In this case the Controller can be swung around so that the Plasma cleaner can be controlled from both sides.
A similar set up would be ideal for plasma sterilization with the second door opening into a clean sterile room to prevent recontamination.
See our complete range of standard plasma systems for production almost all of which are suitable for us as a plasma cleaner