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Competence center Herrenberg Germany.

Capabilities - Service Overview

Our service encompasses the process and system development, system manufacturing and development, support and maintenance of your plasma system.
We also in house treatment of your parts and material.

Analysis of the Problem

  • What are the problems? What is the goal?
  • Which materials or parts should be treated, bonded, coated or plasma cleaned?
  • Which bonding or paint system will be used?
Determine which plasma process is needed

System development and manufacture

  • Risk analysis
  • Build
  • CE.Certification
Small plasma systems production line

Plasma process development

  • Which plasma process is best suited?
  • Process development by treating and testing samples
  • Process optimization
  • Test the process at the customers if possible, with a rental system
  • Process sample materials
  • Training and demonstration
  • Chose a rental plasma system
Determine which plasma process is needed

Delivery and commissioning

  • Installation of the plasma system with gas connections
  • First production test
  • Training of the operators
World wide delivery of plasma systems

Plasma system concept development

  • Integration of the plasma system into existing production line
  • Optimizing the plasma process
  • process cycle time optimisation
plasma system concept

Support and maintenance of the plasma system

  • Optimization of the process
  • Service and support
  • Plasma training
plasma traing room process and systems

FAT and final acceptance now also possible online

New circumstances require new approaches.
In the past few months, due to increased demand from our customers, we have been able to gain very positive experience with factory and final acceptance tests online. In addition, it was possible to participate in process trainings with larger groups from different locations. Thus, there is the possibility to be connected live to our experts on site. Question and answer rounds can be easily realized this way.
In addition, with the consent of all participants, the event can be recorded and used for later training purposes. You thus save (travel) time and expenses, as well as protecting the environment and the health of your employees. In addition, participants from all over the world can join in and repeat the event at a later, flexible date. Connected together in times of creativity.

FAT and final inspection