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Plasma cleaning & plasma surface modification

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Portfolio Overview

The plasma technology GmbH is a development partner for solutions to your individual needs for optimizing, activating or cleaning your component surfaces.
This may be a preparation for coating, bonding, to ensure clean parts for painting or similar demanding processes.
Our experts plan, develop plasma processes and manufacture plasma systems to our customer’s needs.
So can complete concepts be developed that encompass the problem free integration
into your production process and material flow, keeping the plasma system and process as their main focus.

Portfolio - Services

Our portfolio includes the process and system development,
the system manufacture, commissioning.
Support and service for your individual systems and processes
as well as in house processing of your materials and parts.


Systems Portfolio

Plasma technology GmbH has a range of table top systems for laboratory and small production
starting from 2.4ltr chamber volume and a standard productions range
starting with a chamber volume of 150 ltr as well as the system to customers own specifications.

plasma systems overview